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Investment Strategies - Opportunity Fixed Income

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Our opportunity fixed income portfolios are structured to generate a high level of current income coupled with long-term capital appreciation

At Carret Asset Management, we professionally manage Opportunity Fixed Income portfolios with a primary goal of generating a high level of current income with a secondary focus on long term capital appreciation. We create and manage an efficient risk/return blend of Investment Grade and High Yield Corporate Bonds, TRUST Preferreds, Convertible Preferreds, and ETFs. Our research intensive bottom-up process provides the framework for all buy/sell decisions. Interest rate trends are forecasted as part of our process. Our custom-active strategy offers superior advantages versus a passive "buy and hold" or "ladder" approach.


We utilize higher yielding fixed income securities and shift among various types of fixed-income securities based on changing market conditions. We actively manage risk and reward and can respond quickly to market movements. We utilize interest rate hedges to reduce interest rate risk. We primarily focus on BB to BBB rated corporate bonds to capture unique return opportunities. We strive to anticipate change and capitalize on it.


Clients may gain advantage from the efficiencies of block trading as we obtain institutional pricing for the benefit of all portfolios regardless of size and objective.


Custom-active management of Opportunity Fixed Income portfolios takes into account relative market values and yield with respect to credit quality and maturity - all within the perspective of our interest rate and yield curve forecast. Our market strategy takes into consideration the desirability of pricing, coupon, rating, and call features. Our market analysis considers the ever-changing spread differential between our investment choices. We diversify within each asset class to reduce risk and maximize total return expectations. Final security selection focuses on the business fundamentals of each company – including cash flow and earnings expectations, debt/equity targets, dividend and share repurchase policies and industry growth prospects.



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