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Investment Strategies - Custom Balanced

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We custom tailor your asset allocation using a blend of stocks and taxable or municipal bonds to achieve your unique investment objectives

We offer Custom Balanced portfolios for investors seeking both the growth potential of equities coupled with the capital preservation, income and tax benefits of bonds.  We customize the portfolio’s asset allocation to suit the unique investment objectives of each client.




Our Large Cap Equity strategy is conservative, but we seek investment opportunities that meet our measures of valuation and earnings growth.  The majority of our equity investments will
be in companies with positive long-term economics, strong management, and good financial metrics.


We believe that objective selling is key.  Our investment professionals carefully adhere to specific valuation parameters that help us determine when to take profits.  Other sell indicators may include maturity of products, changes in senior management, increased use of debt, or slowing sales – all of which could signal a maturing or deteriorating business.

Fixed Income

Carret’s Fixed Income strategy is managed for total return and current income with an emphasis
on preservation of principal. Our custom active management utilizes our Taxable Strategies
or Municipal Strategy based on each client’s unique investment needs.  



Fixed Income


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